Basem Abdelfattah, MD

Pain Management Specialists located in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano, TX

About Dr. Abdelfattah

Basem Abdelfattah, MD, is double board-certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abdelfattah is a pain management specialist at Chronic Pain Relief and believes in treating pain not only as a physical concern, but as a condition that often has emotional and lifestyle components as well. His holistic approach to managing chronic pain addresses the whole person, not just their symptoms. He sees patients from the practice’s offices in Dallas and Frisco, Texas. 

Dr. Abdelfattah, commonly known as Dr. A, earned his medical degree at Texas Tech University before completing a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship in pain management at Loyola University in Chicago. As a border medicine preceptor, Dr. A worked with patients in underserved communities to determine the best way to meet their medical needs. 

At Chronic Pain Relief, Dr. A treats patients with back, joint, and musculoskeletal pain, while simultaneously helping them cope with lifestyle factors that contribute to their condition. He utilizes balanced pain medication regimens, injections and other interventions to achieve substantial and long-lasting pain relief. 

In his free time, Dr. Abdelfattah spends time with his wife, three kids and extended family throughout Texas. He is fluent in both English and Arabic, and speaks conversational Spanish.

Insurance & Billing

Chronic Pain Relief is happy to accept all PPO Insurance plans. The following are some of the insurance providers that we accept (this is not a full list):

We are currently not accepting any Medicaid Plans.

United Healthcare